#154 After 5 Years of growing YYC Fempreneurs and my marketing business, here's what I did RIGHT

The Fempreneur Podcast

Jan 22 2024 • 17 mins

Have your pen & notebook handy when you listen to this!! Or watch the video version at yycfempreneurs.com :)   BACK STORY:   In 2018 I was one of 26 people who received a HUGE gift: a week-long retreat called The Hoffman Process. Saying YES meant writing pages and pages of stories about my childhood, relationships and career.

I had already written a few books, so I was surprised by the self-awareness that came from answering all the questions in the application for the Hoffman Process.

When the big day arrived, we hopped on a bus and drove 2 hours north of Cochrane to the secluded retreat location.

Our packing list included a list of what not to bring: books, magazines, games, alcohol, any clothing that is not super comfy. When we arrived we had to put our cell phones in the box where they would remain for the entire week.

I later learned that some people had broken the rules by bringing booze and a cell phone into their room. I followed the rules and trusted the process.

The rooms were tiny: a desk, toilet, sink and single bed. Showers were down the hall for the entire floor. The men were on the main floor and the women were on the 2nd floor.

It felt similar to summer camp at times because of the way our group bonded so quickly. At other times it was nothing like summer camp. The topics we discussed were heavy. People were always breaking down crying. Hearing others’ stories and expressing emotion together was difficult, but so freeing. Some people were trying so hard not to cry and when they finally did the whole room could feel the relief. We celebrated these moments together, rewarding each other for being real and raw.

The person who gifted The Hoffman Process asked us one question:

“What do you want to be different about your life when you complete the Hoffman Process?”

I said I wanted to have a bigger impact on more women entrepreneurs. I wanted more clarity, direction and confidence so I could create resources and events to help women build their dream businesses.

A few months later, YYC Fempreneurs was born, and 5 years later I am still learning from you how to improve the way I share my knowledge.

Thanks to all you beauties who sent me feedback on my 2 new programs: FemSquad and FemSquadGold. Get all the program details and sign up at yycfempreneurs.com/programs!!

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