#GradZine Akoma Institute Founder Delali, is changing the education narratives of Black Girls in the African Diaspora

Meeting of Minds

May 6 2021 • 3 mins

Whenever the terms “African diaspora” or “Black diaspora” are mentioned on social media, they almost always exclude the voices of Black people in non-Anglophone regions of the world, specifically the Global South. Countries such as Brazil and Colombia have a rich history of Black female intellectuals but because of the lack of exchange between the Global North and Global South, largely due to language barriers, it appears as if movements or icons do not exist. It is patronising and a huge disservice to the movements led by Black people in Latin America.

However, Delali from the Akoma Institute is rectifying this narrative with the work of the Akoma Institute.

To read the full article click here: https://meetingofmindsuk.uk/grad-zine/meet-the-akoma-institute-cultivating-a-global-learning-community-for-black-and-afro-indigenous-girls/

Written and produced by: Bashirat Oladele – a freelance writer in London who enjoys writing about pop culture, entertainment and politics. Her work has been featured in Teen Vogue, Stylist, Cosmopolitan and other publications.

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