#RealReads Black Higher Education Matters - Facing the Façade

Meeting of Minds

Mar 4 2021 • 56 seconds

Facing The Facade is a 1994 documentary by Jerald Harkness, about the educational and personal experiences of black students on Indiana University's predominantly white campus.

Abigail Yartey caught up with three women who were in the documentary, professor Dr Kimberley King Jupiter, life coach Dara Randolph and teacher Tia Cavannaugh Goggins as we discuss issues of sexism, the idea of separatism and multiculturalism in America and the adultification of young girls.

To read the full article click here: https://meetingofmindsuk.uk/realreads/black-higher-education-matters-facing-the-facade/

Written By: Abigail Cleo Yartey – a writer and activist, who currently works for the British Film Institute. Follower her on Instagram and Twitter @ValleydelaDolls

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