Guide to Yoga as a Way of Life | With Rohan Kokil

The Social Saga

Jul 20 2023 • 22 mins

In this very special episode of The Social Saga, we have Rohan Kokil with us who is a yoga practitioner and a chiropractor. He is also the founder of Yoga For Amigos- a company that connects the youth to the roots of Yoga. Rohan has been one of my best friends and I have seen him going through the ups and downs of life with grace and dignity. Through this conversation, I wish to bring his life learnings and the journey of turning into a yoga practitioner from a CA aspirant.

Yoga is one of India's most significant gifts to the world. As a society, embracing its practice will serve humanity in all possible ways. Witness us talk about the career lessons, sound therapy, modern-day approach of yoga, its widespread reach in the world and how it promotes a life full of contentment and peace.

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