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The Women in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Network of the Institute of Refrigeration brings you a podcast where women with careers in engineering discuss the opportunities and challenges they have encountered. During light-hearted and informative conversations they will share their experiences and knowledge to support and encourage other women working in the field. They will address some of the many preconceptions about working in a ”male-dominated field” and hopefully encourage the next generation of engineers. Get more involved in this exciting initiative and follow our work at read less

Too young and too female
Too young and too female
If you suffer from imposter feelings you are not alone. Although all genders experience these nagging doubts, research has shown that women experience them more often than their male colleagues. Hear from Carla Miller, a leadership and lifestyle coach about how social expectations and self-doubt can negatively impact women in the workplace. She shares hints and tips on managing those inner voices and changing behaviours that may hold you back. This month's guest  Carla Miller is a leadership coach who works with women to develop their careers and confidence. Hundreds of women have taken part in her Influence & Impact programme from companies including GSK, BT, Channel 4, Muller and Deloitte, as well as national charities, the NHS and the Civil Service. Her work is inspired by the challenges she had to overcome to succeed and she is on a mission to empower 10,000 women in their careers. She has been featured in national media such as The Guardian and Psychologies magazine and regularly chairs conference panels on leadership. She hosts a chart-topping podcast - Influence & Impact for female leaders - and is the author of Closing the Influence Gap: A practical guide for women leaders who want to be heard, which is an Amazon best seller.  Closing the Influence Gap was named one of the books all leaders should read in 2022 by Management Today.  Additional resources More information about the  Institute of Refrigeration, Women in RACHP Carla's Book Closing the Influence Gap: A practical guide for women leaders who want to be heard - Carla's Podcast:  Influence and impact for female leaders Carla's coaching and training  -