A VC's Guide to Managing Startup Finances | Manoj Agarwal from SeaFund

Understanding VC

May 6 2024 • 43 mins

In this episode you will learn:

00:00:00 - Introduction

00:00:40 - Importance of Managing Finances for Startups

00:08:58 - Compliance Regulation for Startups

00:12:48 - Strategizing on resource allocation

00:15:48 - Startups offering inflated incentives

00:18:48 - Finding the right talent

00:23:34 - Basic Metrics startups should consider

00:28:36 - Startups operating on Low margins

00:29:33 - Reporting Spends to VC’s

00:34:55 - Investment rejection

00:36:53 - Unexpected challenges startups face

00:41:29 - Are managing Finances a necessity for Startups?

00:42:45 - Conclusion


Manoj Agarwal, Co-founder & Managing Partner at SeaFund, has 25+ years of experience in business leadership, investments, and strategy. He co-founded SeaFund, an early-stage venture fund, and currently leads capital raising for its new fund. Previously, he was CEO of Karuturi Global, a top agricultural transnational, and is an advisor to Latize, a Singaporean data management company. Manoj holds a computer science degree and completed an executive program at INSEAD.

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