Episode 4: From the Outside

The Four Boys Club

Apr 8 2023 • 7 mins

In every group, there is a member looking inwards from the outside. One who is reluctant to be included in the band, but for a reason finds themselves being part of one. Even though no one has given him a tangible reason to feel so, Anpag believes he is like an outsider. That he is “different” than the other three boys. One who is looking at Shanky, Mompy and Bandem from the outside.

And what he sees apparently bores him.

Maybe there is a bit of arrogance, an air of self-believing superiority, in him.

It wouldn’t be entirely surprising if he is the first of the four to leave the group. But that is something we will not be talking about; at least not now. For there are other things we need to learn about the four boys.