Special Episode: Offshoots (Part 2)

The Four Boys Club

Jan 22 2024 • 12 mins

The things is, you can’t keep yourself away from that well. You can fool yourself into believing it’s not there; convince yourself that the very idea of it is not just ridiculous but inconceivable. But, deep down, you know it is there. You know looking into it is a mistake, because the face reflecting on that seemingly serene surface of water isn’t yours. It terrifies you at first, but you remind yourself there wasn’t anything else that you expected. And this reflection will tantalise you. Like the snake that tempted Eve to eat the apple she knew she wasn’t meant to. In your mind, you do understand the water is poisonous, and you also understand it’s dangerous to drink it. But if we were all rational all the time, the world would be a much different place, wouldn’t it? You will take a sip of that water. And you will relish it. Why? Because as drastic, as life altering the consequences of it may be, you won’t care about it in that moment. And now that that water is within you, life will perhaps never be the same.