Episode 12: Midhali's Involvement

The Four Boys Club

Jun 28 2023 • 10 mins

You remember the girl from the previous episode, There… and Then Gone? Yes, the one we can call Bandem’s sweetheart? Her name as a matter of fact is Midhali, something which wasn’t revealed last time, and we are going to learn more about her, and her involvement, right now.

As we found out towards the end of the last episode, all that had transpired was a fantasy; Bandem’s fantasy. But the reality, as we are about to discover, is far different. Because, much to Bandem’s displeasure, Midhali has been invited to the treehouse by Mompy; to help the two boys sort out the mess – that is, the man from episode five who Bandem brought with him in the treehouse, the one Bandem had hit in an accident.