Episode 8: Like Father, Unlike Son

The Four Boys Club

May 17 2023 • 8 mins

We’ve all had role models as kids, right? A celebrity rockstar, a sportsperson who shattered records, a prominent pioneer. What is it with the lives of these personalities that makes them so… alluring? Do we see ourselves leading their lives? Do we see ourselves… as them?

For some, role models need not be anyone popular. They can be as ordinary as common people. People we can relate to, whose thoughts and ideas and beliefs and ways of thinking encourage us to rise above ourselves, whose individualism inspires us.

Anpag was a highly ambitious kid. And so, his role model was an equally ambitious man. The fact that Anpag’s life will take a definitive turn in the years to come may speak otherwise; but we’ll come to that a few episodes later, for it doesn’t help to jump the gun.