Episode 11: There... and Then Gone

The Four Boys Club

Jun 18 2023 • 8 mins

Do you remember creating fantasies in your head as an adolescent – the age where the world is literally your oyster and possibilities are endless? Where the prospects of something being improbable, if not impossible, doesn’t stop you from wishing it true? We’ve all been there, immersed in our own version of reality; and no matter how unlikely the outcome, we are ambitious enough to… well, you know.

Bandem had created one such fantasy. A fantasy that perhaps all of us are well-familiar with. And the fantasy was the bubble he shared with her, which was not only of his own creation but was a sanctuary. A place where he crawled into time and again because… well, because of the simple reason that it made him feel good.

But this bubble, like many others, at the end burst.