Episode 5: The Dead Don't Talk

The Four Boys Club

Apr 18 2023 • 7 mins

We heard about Mompy and Bandem secretly smoking in Mompy’s treehouse in the first episode, did we not? Much about it could not be said back then – for we did have more pressing issues to discuss – but that scene warrants being looked into more deeply. It certainly wasn’t just a case of two teenage boys sneaking out for a smoke. Mompy’s dad knew his son smoked, after all.

But as we – the audience – find ourselves in the treehouse currently occupied by not two but three people, we learn what the matter truly is. But who is this third person?

Spoiler alert: it’s neither Shanky nor Anpag. Another spoiler alert: Bandem is glad they’re not here.

The world beyond the walls of the little room was unaware of the trouble inside it. And the trouble is that he has started talking…