Episode 9: Ripple Effect

The Four Boys Club

May 28 2023 • 6 mins

Today, we go back to the first episode of our podcast. Remember that – “The Distraction”? Bandem found myself in a bit of a pickle, having nudged (without intending to, as we had learned) a man in front of a car. We didn’t pursue that story then, for we had more facets of The Four Boys Club to explore. But now, we go back to that horrid incident; as much Bandem may call it an “accident,” and we want to believe him predominantly because we have no reason not to, the forgettable incident did bring its own repercussions. For Bandem and his family for starters, which is fairly obvious but something we will not be discussing a great deal about.

But it provided Anpag, who we have seen was already finding reasons to jump the ship he shared with the other three boys, an opportunity to pull himself out of the club; something I suppose we can say with reasonable certainty we saw coming. And, much to our disappointment, he did exactly that.