#86 NYREI: The Power of Persistence: Building a Successful Business with Cold Calling with Taylor Berg

NY Real Estate Investing Show

Jan 4 2024 • 37 mins

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another episode of the NY Real Estate Investing Show!

This week I have a fantastic interview with my friend Taylor Berg! Taylor will talk about how he built his real estate business in New York. He will share tips on cold calling, what he did to stay motivated, and what he his doing now to continue to make big moves in his business!

We cover:

- Getting the First Deal

- Staying Persistent

- Cold Calling

- Qualifying Leads

- Getting Deals

- Taylor’s Business Today

To connect with Taylor, reach out on Instagram at @capitalpropertybuyer or text him at 845-312-4115!

To contact me: Email me at greg@velocityhousebuyers.com or reach out on Instagram @grego_37

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