Ep 6 Fathers & Sons

What's a Man? Masculinity in India

Mar 16 2021 • 47 mins

Sons don't need gods as fathers; sons need fathers, as fathers. In Episode 6, Dr. Deepa Narayan explores the relationship, expectations, and love connection between fathers and sons. Conversations with over 250 young boys and men from middle and upper-class families establish that fathers are boys’ first heroes. Fathers are more comfortable exerting power over their boys than showing love. To help us decode men’s relationships with their fathers, she turns to Dr. Harish Shetty, a leading psychiatrist in India, and Dr. Ashis Roy, a psychoanalyst at Ambedkar University in Delhi. Over and over, what emerges is that universal longing to be loved by fathers, to be accepted and cherished through the ups and downs of life, failures, disappointments, and struggles.

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