Banks Boost, Short Duration = Big Gains?, and SVB Collapse Hearing On Deck 3/27/23

The Exchange

Mar 27 2023 • 44 mins

More bank backstops came to light over the weekend, as U.S. officials reportedly considered expanding an emergency bank lending program.  First Citizens Bank also swooped in to acquire SVB’s branches & deposits. And the flow of deposits out of regionals and into larger institutions has started to slow, too. Goldman’s Chief Political Economist joins us to discuss all of it. Plus, one strategist says he’s seeing strength in one part of the banking sector, along with European stocks and quality U.S. names. He’ll tell us which ones. And, the 2-day hearing on SVB’s collapse kicks off tomorrow. We’ll talk to House Financial Services Committee Member Jim Himes about which moves he’d like to see on the FDIC insurance front.