Women Express!

Denise Harrington

We will open up conversations around our voices how to find them use them and define them as we move to create social and personal impact with our words. The interviews will be instructive, informational and interactive. Sharing tips, tools and best practices for finding our voices and together we will find our unique self expression. The creation of this podcast is responding to the call for our leadership in today’s world! Together we will come to view a world where women find their voices, discover what we can do to to engage and influence the all levels of life. Through the stories of each women interviewed whether mega star or an everyday women we will find our own life’s purpose. Speak up, Speak out + Stand up and Stand out…we will do this together as we journey to become Women who Express. This is where to go to experience yourself and others as a powerful woman with a voice! Let’s Create A Movement! read less

The Evolution of a Leader, a conversation with Lisa Hamilton, CEO, Annie Casey Foundation
The Evolution of a Leader, a conversation with Lisa Hamilton, CEO, Annie Casey Foundation
Check out the latest Women-Express! Podcast The Evolution of a Leader, a conversation with Lisa Hamilton, CEO of the Annie Casey Foundation and  #SpeakingWithImpact graduate. Women Express Podcast Interview with Lisa Hamilton –  Lisa Hamilton is Shaping the future of    America’s Youth from the C-Suite. A story about a Black Woman leading as CEO and changing things from the top. Lisa Hamilton is the president and chief executive officer of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, a private philanthropic organization dedicated to building a brighter future for children, families, and communities in the United States. What is so unique about our talk is she shares her warm and everyday approach to being a woman in her role as CEO and her passion for uplifting the underserved youth of our nation. We talk about what it means to be one of very few Black Women CEOs and what it took for her to rise to this position. Catalyst cites that women CEOs of the Fortune 500 still make up a hand fill. Despite modest progress, women are still dramatically underrepresented in leadership roles. For example, 26% of women are in the C-suite, with Black women representing less than 5%. Just four women who identify as Black has served as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company:  These Statistics show how significant Lisa’s presence and leadership are for representing women as leaders of the C-Suite. Her leadership and stories are an inspiration for us all.
Why White Women  Political Leaders must face Racism
Why White Women Political Leaders must face Racism
Angie Bado announced her candidacy for Texas House of Representatives, District 70 as a Democrat. She believes that for too long, the majority of Texans in her district, have not had a voice at the table. Angie feels it's time to bring back collaboration, consensus building and open communication that fosters accomplishing legislation that is important to all people. She faces the challenge of systemic racism in America and looks for answers to eliminate its cause and effect. Angie shares why it is important as a political leader to have a deeper conversation about racism in order to truly lead. “I am a white woman of privilege, I realized that I’ve been complacent and complicit in perpetuating racism. I asked myself “what role can/should I play in facilitating change”.? “How do we have, honest discussions about racism?” “How do I have these sensitive and meaningful discussions with my black friends?” “How do I approach these conversations from a position of trust?” “As a political leader how do I help my community become more whole and just?” Answering these questions are critical. So, Angie and I discuss Six Key Points: What drove her to run for office - and why now? Her feelings about Divisiveness in our Country / TexasHow to take ownership of the fact that my White Privilege has perpetuated Racism?  Why is it important for women to run for office?How can my candidacy help advance African Americans and the underserved in Texas/Country?Why is Voting THE power of the publicAs a state rep., Angie’s vision would be for the legislature to get to a place where, our leaders fight to support the values we believe in, while passionately fighting for solutions that will put ALL people over politics.  Angie Bado For District 70, Texas House of Representatives https://badofortexas.com/