#49. This Comedian/Actor/Director Started a Company to Fuel His Passions, and Did $100M+ in Sales with Michael Stein (founder of Abadak, Inc.)

The Playhard Podcast

Mar 31 2023 • 1 hr 6 mins

At 20, Michael was the #1 club promoter in LA for his age bracket.

He leveraged his network, club-promoting company, and stand-up comedy skills to star in the 1988 short film The Dirk Diggler Story (which later became Boogie Nights). After that, Michael knew he wanted to make films, but didn’t have the means. So, he made the means.

He started a company to fund his movies, and that company has done over $100M in sales.

Michael is the definition of resourceful. Leveraging what he has, and what he can do, to reach his own goals. In this episode, he talks about making time for his company while still pursuing acting, directing, writing, and stand-up comedy.

We talk a lot about his life, how to hire well, and the value of being over-prepared for everything (especially when you have the ADHD).

Enjoy this episode! I know I did.


Show Notes:

(10:10) - Started a company just to fund his movies

(12:50) - This acronym helps you delegate and make more time for yourself

(19:00) - Tips for hiring well

(26:50) - Prepare, Prepare, Prepare: the importance of overpreparing (and how to do it)



* https://abadak.com/

* https://longshotleaders.com/

* https://www.linkedin.com/in/abadak/

* https://www.amazon.com/Outsource-Smart-Without-Letting-Business/dp/0071799796


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