#66. War Stories, Writing Dark Comedies, and Choosing Role Models Wisely with Danny Maher (founder of Veteran TV)

The Playhard Podcast

Aug 11 2023 • 1 hr 21 mins

Danny Maher was a Marine Lieutenant and is currently the founder of Veteran TV and Irreverent Warriors.

After fighting in the Afghanistan War, Danny decided he was going to live out his dream of starting a production company.

In this episode, we talk about chasing your passion, choosing role models, and beating up your high school bullies!



Thanks to everyone who listened and enjoyed the show. I hope at least one of youse out there learned something about habits, hobbies, and the hardships of starting a business. I know I did!


Show Notes:

(05:11) - Returning CEO, life in the Marines, and chasing your dreams

(20:46) - Starting a non-profit for vet suicide prevention

(31:56) - Military story of being stranded by a helicopter on a night raid

(54:46) - Beating up his highschool bully and confronting his fears changed him



* veterantv.com

* irreverantwarriors.com

* Youtube and Insta @dannydanceparty

* His pseudonym: Donny O’Mally

* https://www.amazon.com/Embarrassing-Confessions-Marine-Lieutenant-Operation-ebook/dp/B010MYG7QE

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