#48. How to Focus Your Time While Operating 4 Brands at Once with James Mulvany (founder of Matchmaker.FM)

The Playhard Podcast

Mar 24 2023 • 46 mins

James is the founder and CEO of Cue, Radio.co, Podcast.co, and Matchmaker.FM.

We talk about how to manage multiple teams under one roof, how to keep the lines of communication open through remote work, and how to stay focused with so many different brands.

He’s a super down-to-earth, hard-working, knowledgeable guy. True founder through and through. My favorite part is towards the end when we talk about brushing off the rust from covid when going to networking events.

Give it a listen!


Show Notes:

(05:45) - Staying competitive in a crowded space (podcasting)

(11:25) - Staying focused while growing your team and launching multiple brands

(23:20) - How to have successful communication among big teams while remote

(29:30) - Boundaries as an entrepreneur (with yourself and others



* https://jamesm.com/

* https://radio.co/

* https://www.podcast.co/

* https://www.matchmaker.fm/home


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