#60. Running a Business like a Band and Living Life without Any “Stuff” with Chad Passa (founder of Bookkeepers of America)

The Playhard Podcast

Jun 23 2023 • 45 mins

Chad spent 20 years as a rockstar and his whole life as an entrepreneur.

We talk about the similarities between being in a band and running a business. Oh, did you know I'm in a band? I totally don't mention it in every episode ;)

As a kid, he did countless odd jobs around the house for money. Until, one day, his parents ran out of money to give him! That’s when he decided to get money from others. No shit, one of his jobs was selling candy from a van.

We go deep into the minimalist mindset and his decision to sell most of his possessions and live on the road with his wife for 4 years.

This is a fun one, give it a listen!


Show Notes:

(03:45) - Running a band vs running a company

(16:20) - What is your “enough”

(24:00) - Realizing you want to sell everything and live minimally

(35:25) - Testing your ideas



* FB: Chad Passa, Chad Passa - Real Estate Investing

* IG: Chad_Passa, @bookkeepersofamerica, @Lisa.marie.hart

* https://fireyourbossfridays.buzzsprout.com/


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