#65. Mastering Marketing, Multiple Languages, and a Formula for Adventure with Lauren “The Sherpa of Fun” Petrullo (founder of Mongoose Media)

The Playhard Podcast

Aug 4 2023 • 1 hr 21 mins

Lauren Petrullo lives the kind of life you wanna live.

Her dog, Alexander Hamilpup, is a celebrity. She races dragon boats and drinks mysterious Vietnamese herb teas. She even looks like a Disney hero.

In this episode, we talk about marketing, e-comm, and Facebook ads, as well as traveling, tea, and how to have unique experiences.

This episode is great for people interested in learning marketing, new cultures, and who love living adventurous lives.


Show Notes:

(03:40) - Laurens Dog, Alexander Hamilpup, is a LEGEND

(18:20) - How to know if your offer/product is ready for the market

(33:08) - Recommendations for world travelers

(57:02) - The “Dollar-to-Fun” ratio for unique experiences and having a good time



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* https://asianbeautyessentials.com/

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* @laurenepetrullo

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