#62. Predatory Marketing, Finding Resources in Healthcare, and a Mission to Help New Parents with Andrea Ippolito (founder of SimpliFed)

The Playhard Podcast

Jul 7 2023 • 43 mins

Today’s guest is an incredibly smart & talented founder — who did this interview 2 weeks after having a baby!

Andrea Ippolito is the founder of SimpliFed, a telehealth company offering support for baby feeding. This company comes from real problems Andrea has faced while being a mom to (now) 3 little kiddos.

She previously started a company in 2012, it got acquired in 2016, and she has a Master of Engineering from both Cornell and MIT.

We talk about how to sort through research (and avoid targeted/predatory marketing), starting multiple companies, and her career in the healthcare space.

There’s so much to learn in this one! Give it a listen.


Show Notes:

(04:03) - SimpliFed, founded on lived experience

(11:30) - Predatory marketing, validating research, and working through the noise

(25:45) - Andrea’s relationship with her health, having worked in healthcare for a while

(34:45) - Hobbies around networking



* simplifed.com

* Insta/Twitter: @simplifedbaby

* https://www.linkedin.com/in/andreakippolito/


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