#52. Immigrants Hustle Harder, How to build a High Performing Sales Team, and Finding your North Star with Pouya Haidari (founder of PH Inc.)

The Playhard Podcast

Apr 21 2023 • 1 hr 14 mins

Pouya Haidari trained thousands of entrepreneurs and sales professionals, helping them generate $100M+ in sales.

He has 11 years of experience spanning 7 different industries, and it really shined on this episode. We talk about how he’s built and hired for high-performing sales teams, investing in himself annually, and defining success for his life.

We get into a fun conversation about longevity and our shared quest for immortality.

Fountain of youth, here we come. We also talk about his immigrant mentality and how it’s led him to hustle harder than anyone around him. This episode is dope!!

Give it a listen!


Show Notes:

(004:25) - Immigrant mentality, never be satisfied, and pressure is a privilege

(24:15) - How to build a high-performing sales team (what to look for when hiring)

(32:30) - What it takes to be a great closer and communicator

(35:30) - My life hot take: I WANT TO LIVE FOREVER



* https://www.pouyahaidari.com/

* @pouyahaidari Insta, LinkedIn, and YouTube


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