#6 Hanging with Bryan K, Zimbabwean Recording Artist!

Candid Shar'n

Sep 18 2020 • 53 mins

chat with bryan k plus discussion on & teasers from his newest album, BIBO WORLDWIDE


follow this link to watch this video episode.

in this episode i am joined by my first profile guest, Bryan K! Bryan, aka Bibo, is a Zimbabwean musician who won the first season of Zimbabwe's version of America's Got Talent, Starbrite, for his incredible vocals and guitar skills! he just launched his newest album, BIBO WORLDWIDE, this last tuesday, september 16!

check out his music and socials, and enjoy the episode!

Bryan K's newest album: Listen to BIBO WORLDWIDE

Bryan K YouTube: BryanKVEVO

Bryan K Facebook: @BryanKadengu

Bryan K Twitter: @bibobryan

Bryan K Instagram: @bryankofficial

Opening Song: Matida by Bryan K (Apple Music link, Spotify link)

Closing Song: video for Heavy Machine by Bryan K (Apple Music link, Spotify link)

Happy Listening!




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