The Key Factor #014 - Lodestar Finance


Apr 13 2023 • 29 mins

In this episode of The Key Factor, we'll be talking with one of our partners, Lodestar⁠. Lodestar is an algorithmic borrowing and lending protocol initially built and launched on the Arbitrum network. Lodestar aims to bring the critical DeFi primitive of decentralized money markets to Arbitrum communities. Lodestar have key characteristics as follows: gain interest on Arbitrum yield-bearing assets like MAGIC, DPX, and plvGLP by contributing them to the protocol, collateralize investment by enabling the capacity to borrow crypto assets, access liquidity without generating a taxable occurrence, implement leveraged trading approaches (long and short stances) by using the protocol's borrowing features, unleash the liquidity of yield-bearing assets, such as plvGLP, without forfeiting underlying yields

⁠Factor ⁠acts as the backbone of the DeFi hyperstructure, integrating various protocols, services, and users through secure, interoperable, and scalable liquidity management. As a middleware hub, Factor enables seamless transfer of assets and efficient liquidity management across the decentralized finance ecosystem.


Lodestar Website:

Factor Website: