Straight Fire w/ Jason McIntyre - A F---ing Ugly Final Four & Kyrie is Detonating Dallas from the Inside

Straight Fire with Jason McIntyre

Mar 27 2023 • 36 mins

On today’s episode, Jason and Super Producer Rob G (Robert Guerra) get things started by sharing their thoughts on the NCAA Tournament. We saw a lot of bad basketball – and bad officiating – over the weekend, and now we’re stuck with arguably the most unsexy Final Four in college basketball history. No disrespect to San Diego State, Miami, UCONN and Florida Atlantic but not having a single blue blood in the mix is just bad for the sport moving forward. Shifting gears to the NBA, even with LeBron James making his return to the floor, the biggest story has to be what’s going on with the Dallas Mavericks. The Kyrie Irving-Luka Doncic pairing has been an abject failure. Unsurprisingly, J-Mac lays the blame squarely at Kyrie’s feet. Rob, on the other hand, believes Luka deserves just as much – if not more – blame as Irving. Either way, how this season ends will go a long way in determining whether or not this duo stays together for years to come.

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