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Damien Fleming, World Champion - Greatest Season, ‘99 World Cup
4d ago
Damien Fleming, World Champion - Greatest Season, ‘99 World Cup
Greatest Season That Was, Episode 10 – Damien Fleming. By this stage on the re-release of The Greatest Season That Was series on the 1999 Men’s World Cup, we have revisited interviews with players and broadcasters who were front and centre from South Africa, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, England and India. But what about Australia? The story of their staggering semi-final tie was told earlier in the series, but their campaign to that point was already noteworthy. From teetering on the edge of elimination to an internal shake-up to a fateful night of ten-pin bowling, a man in the thick of things throughout was Damien Fleming. The ever-enthusiastic Australian quick takes us back 25 years, but to 1996 as well when they also snuck through the semi only to blow the big one. He explains in this conversation with Shannon Gill (Code Sports), Dan Brettig (The Age) and Adam Collins why history didn’t repeat when the men in the bright gold uniforms made it to Lord’s. Support the show with a Nerd Pledge at Get your 10% discount on top-notch kit from Serious Cricket. Use FINALWORD24 at checkout --> Get that sweet Nord VPN discount - Run or donate to the 2024 Edinburgh Marathon for the Lord's Taverners All links at Find previous episodes at Title track by Urthboy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit