Celebrating 75 Mastermind Sessions: A Journey of Growth and Storytelling

Confident Storytelling Podcast

Nov 23 2023 • 23 mins

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    **"Unveiling the Magic: A Glance Behind Our 75th Mastermind Session Celebration"**

    - A warm welcome to the Confidence Storytelling Podcast! Today, I'm thrilled to take you behind the scenes of our extraordinary 75th Mastermind Session celebration.

    *The Journey So Far*
    - Reflecting on the genesis of our community, born on February 6th, 2022.
    - Sharing the evolution of our weekly gatherings and the milestones we reached on this special Sunday.

    *Crafting the Celebration*
    - Dive into the meticulous planning process initiated a month prior to the event.
    - Teasing the unique elements aimed at setting this session apart from the rest.

    *The Heart of the Mastermind*
    - Exploring the concept of a confident storytelling mastermind and its pivotal role in personal and professional growth.
    - Delving into the essence of Napoleon Hill's concept of a mastermind and its application within our vibrant community.

    *Laughter Yoga with Dr. Harish Rawat*
    - Introducing the remarkable Dr. Harish Rawat, India's leading laughter yoga coach, and the joy he brought to our celebration.
    - Unveiling the transformative power of laughter yoga, fostering joy without any prerequisites.

    *Expert Spotlight with Taiba Mahmood*
    - Showcasing the expertise within our community with Taiba Mahmood, a seasoned personal branding and storytelling coach.
    - Highlighting the interactive session on becoming visible across social media and sharing the community's insights.

    *Member Spotlight - Dr. Alka Chadha*
    - Spotlighting a community member, Dr. Alka Chadha, and her inspiring journey of transformation and growth.
    - The magic of believing in oneself and the power of sharing personal narratives.

    *The Grand Awards Ceremony*
    - Unveiling the excitement of our awards ceremony, recognizing achievements both within and beyond our community.
    - Celebrating the growth with a record-breaking 36 awards and acknowledging outstanding accomplishments.

    *Future Horizons*
    - Announcing exciting future plans, including the "Storython" and the upcoming Members Survey.
    - Launching a Facilitator and Partner Program exclusively for community members.

    *Final Words:*
    - Expressing gratitude for the incredible journey and the enthusiastic participation of the community.
    - Encouraging listeners to join the Confidence Storytelling Hub and be part of our upcoming adventures.
    - Signing off with a reminder to keep learning, growing, and stepping out of your comfort zone.

    *Key Takeaways:*
    - **Early Preparation:** Start planning your event weeks in advance for a seamless experience.
    - **Seeking Help:** Don't hesitate to seek assistance; collaboration enhances the event's quality.
    - **Embrace Imperfection:** Events may not go as planned, but the surprises often make it a memorable experience.

    Coach Haritosh Srivastav is a Confident Storytelling coach, a Certified World Class Speaking Coach as well as a passionate storyteller. He is an award-winning speaker having won accolades in India, the US as well as the UK. He loves to mentor & coach young professionals & students in their endeavors making their journey better & beautiful. He is also the author of the Amazon bestseller book ‘Small Town Bigger Dreams’ in which he shares 21 lessons for achieving your dreams in the 21st century.

    You can follow him at