The Complete Ostium Season Six Part One

Ostium Podcast

Mar 31 2024 • 2 hrs 25 mins

Welcome to the supercut of season six. In this first part, we include the first four episodes:

Episode 61 - Arrival

Episode 62 - Anomalies I

Episode 63 - Anomalies II

Episode 64 - Anomalies III

These episodes were written, edited, and produced by Alex C. Telander.

The part of Jake is performed by Chris Fletcher

The part of Monica is performed by Georgia Mckenzie

The part of Thyra is performed by Arden Roddie

The part of Zhang is performed by Emily Wang

The part of Marla is performed by Kira Apple

The part of Yoxall is performed by Leslie Valentine

The part of Steve is performed by Alex C. Telander.

Sound design was done by the wonderful Mike Nye of Hail and Well Met Podcasts, for more info check out

Music featured in these episodes is: “Deep Sky” by Kirk Osamayo, “Snow Ticket” by PCIII, “PCGCP” by PCIII, “Space Ambient Mix 2” by AllMusic34, courtesy of the Free Music Archive. Be sure to check out the artist at

The theme song was composed by Chris Fletcher.

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