Ep 2: Renaissance, Surveillance Capitalism and The £85 Grinch

Everything Is Content

Dec 8 2023 • 42 mins

Beth, Ruchira and Oenone are taking a break from their relentless December social calendars to dive into this week’s pop-culture. On today’s episode:


How are we handling the pressure of Christmas? What is Elf On The Shelf, exactly?!


Is Beyoncé’s silence too loud? Have we reached the saturation point with celebrity documentaries?


What is this new worrying TikTok trend, and what does this mean for women on nights out?

And a bit of gentle homework for you, next week we’ll be chatting about May December - which you can stream on Netflix from today.

VULTURE: The End of His Heartthrob Era An assessment of Chalamet’s sex appeal as he steps into the role of Willy Wonka.


INSTAGRAM: Let’s Talk About… the stress of christmas


DAILY MAIL: Mother pays £85 for a 'Grinch visit'… only for an entertainer to WRECK her home


VULTURE: The Silence Is the Loudest Part of Renaissance: A Film


NEW STATESMAN: The Rise Of Reality Star Documentaries


POP CULTURE WITH CHANTÉ: Can Pop Culture Do ADHD? (spoiler: no)


GLAMOUR: Women are being filmed on nights out without their consent – why can't they just enjoy themselves in peace?


THE GUARDIAN: ‘It’s not a public service, it’s toxic’: welcome to the world of gossip surveillance



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