Alchemy of Egypt | Lara Maysa Ingram

The Spiritual Life Management Podcast

Nov 14 2022 • 51 mins

In this episode, Gretchen sits down with Lara Maysa Ingram, British-Egyptian Storyteller, Empowerment Photographer & Leader of Journeys through Ancient Egypt.

⭐This intriguing conversation is centered around uncovering the lost wisdom and ancient intelligence of the Ancient Egyptians and helping others regain their power. Having gone deep into her Egyptian ancestry and lineage, Lara is now guiding others on retreats in Egypt to help unlock their own soul's memories, learn the mystery teachings, and walk the path of the ancient Egyptians, with gratitude and reverence. 💫Join us in this enlightening conversation on self-discovery, spirituality, ancient Egyptian wisdom, alchemy, and Lara's personal transformational experiences in Bali and Egypt. #alchemyofegypt #selfdiscovery


Haus of Light  | Lara Maysa Ingram


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