117. What do EBS and a jellyfish have in common?

AWS Bites

Mar 8 2024 • 21 mins

In this episode, we provide an overview of Amazon EBS, which stands for Elastic Block Storage. We explain what block storage is and how EBS provides highly available and high-performance storage volumes that can be attached to EC2 instances. We discuss the various EBS volume types, including GP3, GP2, provisioned IOPS, and HDD volumes, and explain how they differ in performance characteristics like IOPS and throughput. We go over important concepts like IOPS, throughput, and volume types so listeners can make informed decisions when provisioning EBS. We also cover EBS features like snapshots, encryption, direct API access, and ECS integration. Overall, this is a comprehensive guide to understanding EBS and choosing the right options based on your workload needs.

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In this episode, we mentioned the following resources:

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