Generative AI: The New Frontier in Kubernetes Problem-Solving

Kubernetes Bytes

Jul 19 2023 • 1 hr 4 mins

In this episode of Kubernetes Bytes, Ryan and Bhavin talk to Kyle Forster CEO at RunWhen - a platform for troubleshooting Kubernetes with Generative AI assistance. The discussion starts by talking about LLMs and GPTs, and why everyone is building a ChatBot powered by AI. They then talk about how Generative AI can act as a co-pilot for SREs working with Kubernetes, and help them troubleshoot things faster.  Watch this episode to learn more about how AI can help you become the 10x engineer / SRE instead of replacing you at your company.

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  • 00:30 Introduction
  • 04:44 Cloud Native News
  • 18:10 Interview with Kyle
  • 58:43 Takeaways

Cloud Native News:


Show Links:

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  3. Kyle's LinkedIn -
  4. Ugly Command Party -