Ops Ops Hooray! Navigating IDPs from an Ops perspective

Kubernetes Bytes

Mar 20 2024 • 58 mins

Join hosts Ryan Wallner and Bhavin Shah of Kubernetes Bytes as they explore the complexities of Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs) with Chris Munford, CEO, and Dan Donahue, Solution Architect of Nethopper. In this episode, the team discusses the challenges of constructing IDPs, achieving the optimal balance of flexibility and prescriptive golden paths. The episode dives into the unique operations perspective required for effective implementation. Gain valuable insights and practical advice from industry leaders on navigating the evolving landscape of IDPs. Don't miss this insightful conversation on unlocking the full potential of IDPs for your organization.


  • 00:06:24 - Discussion with Chris and Dan
  • 00:51:44 - Takeaways

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