Solving Multicloud with Seamless Connectivity and AI - with Rob Croteau

Kubernetes Bytes

Sep 1 2023 • 58 mins

In this episode of KubernetesBytes, Bhavin and Ryan interview Rob Croteau of Avesha. Avesha is behind the open source project KubeSlice which aims to enable admins to seamlessly connect multiple Kubernetes clusters no matter where they are located with a few command or clicks. Learn about the challenges teams face today with networking and how Kubeslice and avesha are trying to make connectivity for clusters simple.

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Time Stamps

  • News 00:05:36
  • Interview 00:14:05
  • Takeaways 00:53:50

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Show Notes:

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  • - Kubecost Cloud now GA - install agent using Helm chart
  • - KEDA graduates -
  • - Netapp files in google
  • - GKE Enterprise
  • - API GW article
  • - Ngrok static domains