EP:219 | Barry Smith Talks Ponds and Fish Management

Gamekeeper Podcast

Apr 9 2024 • 1 hr 58 mins

This week we have Barry Smith, a highly respected fisheries scientist with a lifetime of innovation and experience around managing sportfish. It’s a conversation that includes crappie, catfish, flathead catfish, shell crackers, river fish, bass, crawfish, fathead minnows, the bream spawn, aerators, stratification, fertility, liming water, all female bass ponds and the biggest bass he has grown. Barry puts on a history and fisheries class and we all learn something and laugh as Clyde (his alter ego) makes several appearances.  Stay to the end as he tells us a great turkey hunting story. Its Bobby’s favorite podcast so far.  You’ll learn from this one.  Listen, Learn and Enjoy.

Show Notes:
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