Leading with courage, conviction and curiosity with Kristen Lessig-Schenerlein and Hannah McGowan of CORE Leadership

From the Corner Office

Apr 25 2024 • 32 mins

This week, we speak with Kristen Lessig-Schenerlein, founder of Koi Coaching and Consulting and Hannah McGowan, founder of Hannah McGowan Coaching.

Kristen and Hannah, each with independent coaching consulting firms, are teaming up to create a leadership coaching course and curriculum for nonprofit and for-profit professionals in the region.

Together, we talk about their diverging career paths that led them to their current passions and their big plans to help even more professionals. We also discuss the power of positive psychology and curiosity to become a better leader.

Instagram: @coreleadershipcoaching

Email: connect@coreleadershipcoaching.com

3 Takeaways:

  1. (08:15) Leadership starts with self awareness
  2. (10:30) The reason you have a team is because your mission is larger than one person
  3. (15:20) Don’t get so defensive


(00:00) Introducing Kristen Lessig Schenerlein & Hannah McGowan

(01:10) Koi Coaching & Consulting

(03:00) Hannah McGowan Coaching

(06:00) New initiative - CORE Leadership

(07:30) Solving for the leadership gap

(09:45) “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious”

(11:30) How does applied positive psychology get incorporated into Core leadership?

(12:50) Memorable leadership advice

(17:45) We bring our full selves to work

(18:40) Memorable leadership learning experiences

(23:55) Learning from mentors

(27:15) Tell us more about CORE leadership

(29:00) Rapid fire questions

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