Paani Ki Keemat

Nanhi Duniya

24-09-2021 • 9 mins

Chunnu was a naughty five-year-old kid.
He lived near the River Sabarmati in Ahmedabad with his mummy, papa, grandmother, and nine-year-old sister Gudiya, whom he called Di.
Even though there was a water shortage in the house, Chunnu was playing and wasting water.
This makes his sister angry and she slaps him hard on his back.
Chunnu’s grandmother punishes his sister for hitting him so hard.
Let’s hear this story and find out what new information and knowledge is acquired by both the kids as a result of this punishment.

चुन्नु पाँच साल का शैतान बच्चा था, जो कि
अपने माता, पिता, दादी और बहन जिनको वह दी बुलाता था के
साथ रहता था ।उसकी बहन नौ साल की थी। इन का घर साबरमती के पास अहमदाबाद में  था। घर में पानी की क़िल्लत होने के बावजूद चुन्नु पानी गंदा कर रहा था ।इस पर उसकी दी  ने  उस को  पीठ पर थप्पड़ मार दिए ।इस पर दादी ने दी को सज़ा दी और दोनों बच्चों को इस वाक़िये में क्या कुछ नया सीखने को
मिला सुनते हैं कहानी में।

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