"Hi Sky Daddy", Season 2, Episode 2 About Prayer & Spells

3 Crones Podcast

Jan 17 2023 • 51 mins

There's a meme out there that goes like this:

me:  Hi sky daddy
God:  I really wish you would stop praying like that


How do you pray?
Is there an overlap between prayer and spell-casting?
What are spells, anyway?

The Crones chat about this and more in our first episode on 2023.  Spirit has a way with us, that can be confounding and mysterious...listen as Virginia, Susan and Tamara pick and poke at the edges of how and why to ask, thank and compliment the Great One...what/whoever they believe that is!

The Winter of Listening, David Whyte

The Lost Spells, Robert MacFarlane

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Editing by Tessa Hall.
Cover art by Siobhan Bedford.

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