Episode 25, Navigation & Echo-Location...Where Am I?

3 Crones Podcast

Jan 16 2024 • 44 mins

Tamara invited us into a talk about NAVIGATION...and it feels just right for this time, sorting out a direction but also a state of being that allows for wild cards and rerouting.

Where are we and where are we headed?
How can we tell if we are "on course"?
What tunes our listening to the "still, small voice" that assures our arrival in a reality that suits our soul?

Join us three as we wend our way through the brambles around these questions and more.  Especially at a time when oppression, distortion and destruction fill the daily news...how do we make sense of our lives and go forth?  Or as Virginia emphasizes, "how the fuck do we live now?!"

Kyla J Gent has this gorgeous reel posted December 11 on Instagram...check out the somatic movement and a stunning invitation:  "let life catch you by the heart"!

She's a host for the Human Garage...a myofascial project that has Susan hooked!

And, if you are looking for a daily (or weekly...whatever works for you!) devotional practice that plugs you back into trusting yourself and the "way"...check out these beautiful, spiritual WORDSEARCH books created by Margot & Co. Susan has worked through Presence and Becoming so far...highly recommend.  You really wouldn't know how good it feels until you try it!

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We're three Crones, sharing our real-life experiences and insights to encourage all women to step into their truth and agency...no easy feat in a chaotic world; but essential nonetheless. Join our virtual circle for inspiration, en-COURAGE-ment and some much needed laughter.

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