Episode 16: Oh Mama, From One Mother to Another

3 Crones Podcast

Mar 14 2023 • 47 mins

We three Crones embody and know all three aspects of the Goddess...as do ALL women!  This time around, we talk about mothering and the Great Mother.  What do mothers need, what do they offer and how does the sacred archetype of Mother apply in our mundane and difficult lives, whether we have borne human children or not?

~If we are the mothers of our own precious and vital dreams, what comforting words would we whisper to the frightened one curled in our laps?

~And also, how as Crones (or from our Crone wisdom) can we mother younger generations of women and the world at large?

~Can we create legacy through the act of mothering whether or not we have children?

~What would you say to your younger self from the wisdom you hold now?

~What are the mechanics of tending, nourishing, nurturing and good care that you bring to your creative projects, your business, your family and your community?

Questions and more questions, and no thought of actual answers...just another heartfelt conversation about living this life authentically and from the deepest knowing of our souls with LOVE.

The First Forty Days:  The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother
Heng Ou (Author)  Amely Greeven (Author).    PS. the congee recipe and Mother Bowls are delish!

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We're three Crones, sharing our real-life experiences and insights to encourage all women to step into their truth and agency...no easy feat in a chaotic world; but essential nonetheless. Join our virtual circle for inspiration, en-COURAGE-ment and some much needed laughter.