Episode 17: A Smoke and a Song, with Sherry Sidoti

3 Crones Podcast

Apr 19 2023 • 1 hr 13 mins

Join Virginia and Susan in welcoming Sherry Sidoti back to the program!  Sherry's new book A Smoke and a Song, A Memoir is coming out August 1 and we dig into all the rich crevices of storytelling with Sherry, her process and path, through her journey of reflecting, remembering and sharing this most intimate tale.

A Smoke and a Song is Sherry’s story of her quest to make meaning from the memories homed in her body.  Told with tenacity, tenderness, and wry humor, Sherry stumbles towards self-actualization, spiritual awakening—and, despite it all, love. This is a story steeped in art and spirituality that explores the complexities of transgenerational maternal bonds, attachment, loss, and leaning into our wounds to find the wisdom.

And in Susan's words:
A Smoke and a Song makes me feel like I’ve stumbled upon a beautiful explorer’s locked diary and picked the lock. The narrative is both delicious and filled with disaster, careening at breakneck pace through a life fully engaged in raw, sensual, and inspiringly elevated consciousness. You’ll be completely riveted by Sidoti’s story—this book will help you see and digest the deepest questions and twists of your own life and relationships. It’s a book you will thrill to read and one you’ll keep close for a long time to come.”

You're going to love hearing Sherry talk about those twists and turns in her own voice, and come August 1, you're going to LOVE reading this memoir!

Preorder your copy and find Sherry here:

Author of A Smoke and a Song: A Memoir (She Writes Press)

August 1, 2023

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IG: @sherrysidoti

FB: Sherry Sidoti

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