Women the World Over, An Interview with Holly Cusumano

3 Crones Podcast

Jul 18 2023 • 33 mins

This is our first episode of a new project we're calling Women the World Over!

The 3 Crones are opening up a new avenue of communication with women...when we say, "we want to hear from you", we mean it!  Tune in as we launch "mini-episode"* interviews with listeners, friends and mentors...women like you...maybe YOU.

Please contact us if you would would like to join the conversation and be interviewed on 3 Crones Podcast!
(Yes, I know I'm using too may exclamation points...I'm excited😂)

First up is Virginia with her dear friend and guest, Holly Cusumano, a writer and artist who describes herself as "the worst retired person ever".   I believe you'll find her to be most magical as she shares her flash fiction, whimsical ancestral art creations, reflections on being a survivor of uterine cancer and insights as a woman consciously building legacy.  Her parting words (and a poem too!) about connecting to women everywhere as a way to live into purpose truly bring us...women the world over...full circle.

Here are the links you need to learn more about Holly Cusumano!:

The Backstory A little art book of flash fiction
Story Cards
Holly's Instagram

*note:  We conceived of these installments being shorter, hence the "mini" label...tiny morsels of exchange with women you want to listen to and learn from.  But we're having such a good, good time with this that these interviews are nearly full-length, and joyfully so!  You've probably noticed...we love to talk.

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Editing by Tessa Hall.
Cover art by Siobhan Bedford.

We're three Crones, sharing our real-life experiences and insights to encourage all women to step into their truth and agency...no easy feat in a chaotic world; but essential nonetheless. Join our virtual circle for inspiration, en-COURAGE-ment and some much needed laughter.

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