Episode 19: Moon Dance, A Way Into Opening the Heart

3 Crones Podcast

Jul 3 2023 • 1 hr

This episode is arriving somewhat behind schedule and on the date of July's Blessing Moon.  Only a matter of days after we recorded, Tamara's dear husband BJ passed away peacefully surrounded by loved ones at home.  Tamara shared with us that during the week leading up to his death, he was referring to the transition as "when I go on ahead".  Deep breath.

Not only have we taken a pause to honor this devastating loss and blessed life turning, Virginia and Susan "saved" this recording to play for our guests on retreat held on the Elk River June 22-25.  Normally, our third Crone, Tamara, nourishes us with her cooking and with her wisdom on retreat, so she was sorely missed.  Hearing her voice while resting in a deep psoas release was a way for the women to dive deeper into the Moon's mysterious realm of darkness and also death.

We know that you too will feel into Tamara's sharing of this ancient and feminine wisdom way that offers us all a path through movement, connection, challenge and moonbeams to heal our relationships, our tender hearts and our lives.

Please contact us via instagram if you have any questions or request for links and information shared in this episode.

All blessings.

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