Women the World Over, An Interview with Liz Montalbano

3 Crones Podcast

Aug 15 2023 • 47 mins

Surf the waves of this beautiful and revealing discussion with Elizabeth Montalbano, a freelance writer, journalist and therapeutic writing mentor.  Liz is an American expat living in Portugal who has intentionally created a new kind of life for herself through healing, exploration and surfing!

You'll be inspired by her story and enamored by the way she shares a choice-full journey and her interpretation of how to live in awareness and kindness, while navigating the challenging passages of life and relationship.

We discuss her work life as a journalist, her passion project Mermaid Mentoring* and the way she inhabits sacred space in the ocean by riding the early morning waves and precious, dawning light.

Liz lives in Portugal, but visits the US often to be with family and care for her dad; so we get to enjoy her company at ocean earth wind fire on a regular basis and she always brings an authentic and globally aware perspective that refreshes the soul.

*Mermaid Mentoring is a therapeutic writing program aimed at empowering women through self-reflection and authentic self-expression.   Liz says:

"I want to help them reclaim their stories and own truthful experience of life, both the mess and the miracle of it. I want to inspire women to create lives that reflect their true selves rather than let the circumstances of their lives shape who they become. I want them to know they don't need to live up to anyone's expectations for what their lives should be—not even their own. And finally, I want them to know it's never too late nor is it selfish to pursue a dream or a passion just for the sheer joy of it."

Learn more and engage with Liz at https://www.mermaidmentoring.com/

Find Liz on Instagram: @lizoleeta and @mermaid_mentoring

Enjoy her writing on Medium HERE!

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