Ep.153- Let’s Discuss 11 Things Kevin O'Leary Thinks Successful People Do & I Agree!

Idea Diary

Feb 15 2021 • 14 mins

In Episode 153 of Idea Diary - Today, I talk Kevin O'Leary’s Youtube Channel. Today, I subscribed! Here is a list of my own interpretation of what he says about success:

  1. Have a daily priorities list you commit and do.
  2. Do what you are passionate about. Try things, and you will be working 24-7, but it won’t feel like work, because you love it.
  3. Spend time feeling and looking like your dream self.
  4. Keep trying. Even when you fail big, get back up and try again.
  5. Get rid of DEBT!
  6. No plan B. Have multidimensional plans with different outcomes that could make you happy. You don’t have to be broke or be directionless. You can have a safe plan for you, while still giving it you all.
  7. Money doesn’t make a business successful. You can have a successful business that doesn’t cost a lot of money to start. Knowing what to do with money to make it grow is what makes you successful
  8. Solve a problem, look for opportunities to sell your idea, and try things. Don’t be embarrassed to try your ideas, even if they seem crazy. Don’t feel guilty to try something, and then change your mind to do something different.
  9. If you really serious about following your dreams, and you don’t know where to start, be an apprentice or intern.
  10. Don’t work & drink


"The 4 THINGS Poor People DO That The RICH DON'T!" | Kevin O'Leary


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