Podcast 315: Coping with loss


Nov 4 2021 • 1 hr 1 min

This week's Twohundredpercent Podcast has lofty ideals, as Edward and Ian tackle the thorny and ever-present subject of loss.

We discover the reason why any loss by a big team is now greeted by pant wetting on a national and international scale, and fire a stinging riposte to any pearl clutching ninnies whose innocence has been so badly abused by Norwich City's failure to win a game so far this season that they believe they ought to be expelled from the league.

Your heroes also finally address the poignant question: were things better in the olden days? (They are not). Are things, therefore, better now? (They are also not). Nevertheless, Ian defends the right of modern football to be like it is, even in the face of grumbling old bastards like the pair of us, who go as far as to share some booing tips designed to keep your mental well-being on an even keel.

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