Podcast 324: On a Rafa Tip


Jan 20 2022 • 1 hr 1 min

On this week's Twohundredpercent Podcast, Edward and Ian are joined for a second time by Evertonian Sam Whyte (in addition to our now regular guest host, the fire alarm in Ian's house) to pick through the rubble of another week of top line soccer, including the departure of the Everton boss.

Rafa Benitez wasn't backed to the hilt with transfer funds at Everton but he made his presence felt in a variety of other no doubt long-lasting ways. Sam ably helps us sift through each of these, as well as revealing where Anthony Gordon gets his hair cut. Ian, meanwhile, is finally a convert to Team Rooney as your heroes try to identify some kind of strategy for Everton going forwards (which is perhaps more than their ownership have ever done).

Also up for discussion this week is Arsenal's successful appeal to have their match with Spurs postponed due to their apparent lack of players. With Covid now reaching endemic levels in the super, soaraway, smashing UK, is professional football now at risk of teams gaming the system for their own advantage? As with everything Arsenal-themed on the Twohundredpercent Podcast, your correspondents give them a fair and considered hearing.

Are football players now wrapped in cotton wool? And what is the solution to getting games played in real cases of mass absenteeism? Predictably, Edward has a solution. Make of that what you will. All this plus: footballers getting fat and the extraordinarily evergreen Barry Hayles.

You can find Sam Whyte on Twitter (@samwhyte) and we recommend that you do. We are also there (@twoht/@200percentpod) or you can email us with thoughts and feelings: twohundredpercentpodcast at gmail dot com.

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