Don't Waste Your Life Chasing the Wrong Suit

Here 2 There

Jan 30 2024 • 8 mins

In this episode, Marilyn Ehrhardt, the host of Here2There, talks about the importance of finding and following your own lane in life, especially in business, careers and vocations. She shares some biblical examples of people who left a legacy by walking in their own lane, and some practical tips on how to discover and align your gift, purpose, personality and temperament with your calling. She also challenges you to embrace change, renew your mind, and resist the temptation to covet others or conform to the culture.

Some of the highlights or discussion points of this episode are:

  • The wrong mathematical formula: Marilyn explains how society and culture give us the wrong mathematical formula of success, which is you plus the crowd equals conquer big. She contrasts this with God's formula, which is your unique self plus God equals conquer in a big way.
  • The unique DNA: Marilyn reminds us that we have a unique DNA, structure, instruction book, temperament, personality, physicality and gifts that are aligned with our calling. She urges us to use our education not for pride or compliance, but to grow our gift and vision our life and future of who we truly are without coveting others.
  • The spiritual closet: Marilyn encourages us to unpack and clean up our spiritual closet of all the unnecessary baggage that we or somebody else put in there for us. She advises us not to let other people clutter our closet with their baggage, or give the Holy Spirit the opportunity to renew our mind and to give us a new hope.
  • The change requirement: Marilyn acknowledges that change is difficult and we don't want to embrace it. We want to continue to do what we enjoy doing or feel comfortable doing. But she asserts that change is the requirement for success. She exhorts us to put off our old self, put on our unique self, and run the race with joy all the way to our definition of success.

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